December 2016


Family enterprise-centric advice matters. FEX (Family Enterprise Xchange) is a new organization created to lead a major movement for family enterprises in Canada. FEX is here to propel enterprising families and their advisors to new heights. Through local chapters and a national movement FEX connects, supports, inspires, educates and advocates for our family enterprise community. It will provide families with knowledge and wisdom to propel their enterprise to greatness, and will deliver the best practices, tools, and resources that families and their advisors need.

Families and our economy need highly informed family enterprise advisors

The dynamics of a family provide both opportunities and distractions in a family enterprise. Personalities, relationships and history, emotions, as well as roles and expectations within the family all require special attention. Your role as their trusted advisor is pivotal.

FEX can empower you to become the advisor of choice for family enterprises. The FEA (Family Enterprise Advisor) designation is the most respected family enterprise standard in Canada. It provides advisors with knowledge that’s essential in helping families plan appropriately and make key decisions that align with the success of both the business and the family.

The Family Enterprise Xchange – for you and your client


APEXA is a new contracting and compliance solution that lets you manage your carrier contracts, license and E&O status, CE credits, and more on a web-based platform. It is designed for Canadian Life and Health Insurance Advisors to create greater standardization and efficiency in the contracting and compliance process.

When this new system launches* you will receive an invitation email to activate your new profile. Keep an eye open for our announcement. In the meantime, feel free to learn more about what APEXA has in store.

*Subsequent to our Dec 15 IdeaLink email, which states a release date of January 2017, APEXA announced that the new system will be released at a later time. It is APEXA’s highest priority to ensure a system that is stable and efficient is delivered to you.


An updated guide and a list of the RRSP deadline key dates are now available on the PPI Solutions advisor site, under the Products and Insurers > Helpful Resources section. The guide will also soon be available in PPI Toolkit’s Practice Assistant. It compares the loan offerings and administrative requirements from a variety of suppliers and contains up-to-date guidelines for RRSPs and TFSAs, interest rates and payments, and tips and tools about retirement income practice management.

If you have any questions, contact your local PPI Solutions office.


Deadlines for submitting new business or policy changes so they can be approved before the 2017 exempt test legislative changes are here. Contact your clients and ensure requirements are submitted before the deadlines.

Keep an eye open for our weekly reminder email and stay apprised of all the deadlines by reading the insurer bulletins on our advisor site and by visiting our insurer deadlines chart which is updated weekly.


The key to being different is being unique in what you do. Making it personal for your clients by customizing solutions based on their planning and their needs can help you differentiate yourself from other advisors.

Imagine this. Your clients, a couple who just had their first child, come to you to learn about their insurance options. You present them with the usual: a term 10, a term 20, a minimum funded UL, and a participating whole life option. They like specific features of each but none of the options match exactly what they need. They can’t decide and want to go away and think about it.

Does this ring a bell? Learn what Nigel, an insurance advisor, did for his clients.


Change is a part of everyday life – a new career, a growing family, a health challenge, etc. For your clients, a key ingredient to securing financial success throughout their lifetime is their insurance. Share these short articles and videos with your clients to help answer some of the questions that may be lingering in their minds but have been too busy, or hesitant, to ask.

Part 1: Smart Talk About Insurance – this video explains why insurance is important to have

Part 2: Smart Talk About Choosing the Right Insurance – this video explains the difference between Term and Permanent life insurance and about other categories of insurance such as Living Benefits, Critical Illness, Long Term Disability, and Long Term Care

Part 3: Smart Talk About Your Insurance Options – this video explains the options available and the process of purchasing a policy that’s suited to your clients’ specific circumstances

To share these videos, click any of the social media Share icons at the bottom of each article.


Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) carries penalties that can go as high
as $1 million for individuals and $10 million for businesses. Its purpose is to protect Canadians while ensuring that businesses can continue to compete in the global marketplace. If you send commercial electronic messages, such as emails or social media messages, then you need to ensure you have your recipients’ consent to do so.

If you need assistance ensuring your business is CASL-compliant, you and your staff are encouraged to make use of these resources:

Consult your lawyer


Advocis, the Financial Advisors Association of Canada, works diligently to promote and advance your practice. They offer reputable education and designation programs to support your business growth and they advocate for the protection of you and your clients with regulators and government officials. Whether you’re new in the industry or a seasoned advisor, Advocis has the support you need at every stage of your career.

With 2017 around the corner, it’s time to renew your annual membership or sign up if you have not yet bcome a member.

For Seasoned Advisors and Managers
Advocis is offering you a limited-time special promotion, ending December 31, 2016. Receive a 50% membership discount for 2017 if you have been practicing for 5 or more years and have not been an Advocis member in the last 5 years.

For New Advisors
Advocis' new Thrive in Five program is available to you and is designed to help you build your practice and your credibility in the industry. This program provides you with an affordable and accessible way to invest in your professional development by subsidizing membership costs in your first 6 years of practice.

To take advantage of one of these offers, contact your local PPI Solutions office or refer to our November 17th special bulletin.


The 6th edition of Estate Planning with Life Insurance is now available. This popular guide provides critical insight into the many roles life insurance plays in estate planning. It’s an essential reference that demonstrates how life insurance can assist your clients in securing lifetime financial success and establishing a strong legacy.

A few of the updates in this edition are:

  • Discussion of new income tax rules for exempt life insurance policies issued after 2016
  • Updated information on trusts, including new rules for the taxation of testamentary trusts and a discussion of qualified disability trusts, life insurance trusts, and graduated rate estates
  • Planning issues relating to the use of life insurance in testamentary spousal trusts including recent CRA comments
  • Policy transfer and capital dividend account changes from 2016 budget
  • And more

About the Author

Glenn Stephens, LL.B., TEP, FEA, was called to the Ontario Bar in 1982 and spent two years with a major accounting firm before joining the insurance industry as a tax and estate planning consultant. Glenn subsequently became a partner in a Toronto law firm before returning to the insurance industry in 1996 as a tax and estate planning consultant to a major Canadian insurance distributor.

Glenn is Vice-President, Planning Services with PPI Advisory in Toronto, and provides tax and legal support to PPI Associates across Canada. He has been with PPI since 2004. Glenn has lectured and written extensively on the subjects of estate planning, taxation, and life insurance. He is a regular columnist for FORUM magazine and Insurance Planning, and is an editor of CLU Comment. Glenn is a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP), the Conference for Advanced Life Underwriting (CALU), and the Canadian Tax Foundation.

The Family Enterprise Xchange – for you and your client