PPI Toolkit can help increase sales and premium size, and improve customer satisfaction, referrals, compliance and revenues. If you are looking for interactive, real time point of sale presentations, customized for your practice and personalized for your client, Toolkit delivers.

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PPI Toolkit is a desktop program that brings together sales ideas and presentations, automated comparisons, practice management tools, and up-to-date rates and illustrations.

The software application has valuable presentation tools for insurance products and concepts that deliver client-specific point of sale presentations quickly and easily. The Toolkit uses powerful back-end calculators and presents complex concepts with clear, effective graphics.

PPI Toolkit organizes and monitors the marketing software provided by PPI and multiple insurance companies. The program indicates which supported software is installed, and if installed, whether it is the most current version. This feature saves valuable time for the user and helps to ensure that accurate and timely illustrations are prepared.

All of the PPI client presentations automatically display the advisor’s brand, and are compliant with CLHIA standards. In addition to having presentations on insurance concepts, such as Insured Annuity and Creating an Estate Bond, the Toolkit includes both a Retirement Needs Analysis and a Life Insurance Needs Analysis.

PPI Toolkit generates customized presentations incorporating complex tax calculations that reflect your client’s unique estate planning requirements.

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