All of the PPI Solutions offices emphasize educational events, including product sessions and practice management.

Most offices annually host 50 to 75 half day in-house product sessions and 2 or 3 full day seminars that focus on practice management, cross selling and other marketing opportunities. PPI Solutions also offers an integrated platform to advance your expertise as a professional insurance advisor, with an emphasis on strategies you can put into practice right away:

The Knowledge Program from PPI - In-depth market-based learning series in a classroom setting that delivers technical know-how and sales confidence.

PPI Solutions - HPN University (Hoopis Performance Network) - Online resource to optimize sales skills and gain motivational and marketing insights

PPI Solutions' Spring and Fall Symposiums - National seminars featuring industry experts

The Knowledge Program

This program aims to give you the belief and conviction to engage in complex insurance planning. The result is exceptional advice for your clients and business growth for you.

The Knowledge Program from PPI delivers technical know-how and sales confidence. Our courses supply you with tangible sales ideas that you can immediately apply in your practice. The one-day sessions incorporate multi-media presentations, interactive classroom discussions and a variety of review material for your ongoing reference, and are eligible for Continuing Education credits.

Contact your local PPI Solutions office today to find out how you can be enlightened and enriched by The Knowledge Program.

Buying and Selling a Practice
• Business Transition - objectives and considerations
• The PPI Business Marketplace: MatchBook, powered by FindBob
• Valuation and Financing Options
• Case Studies – Finding the Win-Win
• CE Credits

Managing Your Compliant Practice
• Compliance 101 - including Licensing, Conflicts of Interest, Disclosure,
   Privacy, Referral Arrangements, Client Files, Holding Out, and more
• Needs Based Selling 
• Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing
• Case Studies, Sales Ideas, and client-friendly Document Samples

Excelling in the Family Market
• Beneficiary Designations
• Estate and Will Planning
• Power of Attorney and Health Care Directive
• Planning with Trusts
• 9 Sales Ideas and Case Studies

The Business  Insurance Market
• Corporate Structures and Taxation
• Life Insurance Taxation
• Shareholder Agreements
• Corporate Owned Insurance
• 14 Sales Ideas and Case Studies

pPI Solutions - HPN University

Powered by Hoopis Performance Network

Selling skills and motivation are critical to your success and the ongoing growth of your business. PPI Solutions has partnered with Hoopis Performance Network to provide you
with HPN University, an incredible resource to help you continue to enhance your expertise
in this area.

The program’s many benefits include:

• Access to hundreds of online courses to develop sales skills and inspire excellence

• Learn from top advisors and experts in financial services

• A 24-month self-study curriculum featuring sales skills, marketing, practice management, 
  and motivation

• 24/7 on-the-go mobile access so you can learn on your own schedule

• Regular workshops hosted by your local PPI Solutions office

• Email notifications streamlining access to content and learning

• RealLIFE client stories and testimonials about the value of products and services you provide

The PPI Solutions - HPN University is an advisor development program available to Advantage Program members and select, interested advisors.

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