A number of national firms are increasing revenues and reducing costs by outsourcing insurance support to PPI. We provide life and living benefits brokerage services for insurance and investment advisors across Canada, including IIROC and MFDA firms.

PPI offers these firms actuarial, tax and specialized expertise in all aspects of life insurance, and specifically in its design and custom application. Through these strategic relationships, PPI’s two marketing channels assist advisors in all markets:


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PPI Solutions provides marketing, training, technology and administrative support to the broad market advisor, and


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PPI Advisory’s team of lawyers, accountants and actuaries focuses on high-end insurance solutions, including joint field work on complex tax and estate planning cases, for advisors working with high net-worth clients.


Working with PPI not only gives these firms full access to a range of insurance carriers and products, but also to PPI’s innovative product offerings, administrative efficiencies, local marketing support and policy service, and desktop presentation software, the PPI Toolkit, which helps advisors present concepts and ideas to clients.

To learn more contact Jim Virtue, President and CEO.


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